Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For The Honour of Grayskull... the only costume I have ever made

My She-Ra costume started as a project in 2006 when I decided I would make a costume. I always wanted to make myself a costume but I lack the skills such as sewing, and over all creative thinking. I mean, I can draw but I have a hard time figuring out how to make something concrete. The hardest part of the costume was creating the head peice. This would have been easier if I was more crafty and maybe had a better grasp on materials that could be used instead.

I completed my costume around Hallowe'en which was my plan, but I sort of half assed the rest of it. At some point I would like to change some parts of the costume. I didn't wear it in 2006 because I never made it to any parties. I did end up wearing in 2009 at a party, and I recieved many compliments for it.

Here is what I did and how would change it in the future. I wish I took pictures of it as I made it, but oh well.

The first thing I did was buy a cheap white dress that somewhat was similar to She-Ra's costume. Her dress looks more like white bustier type top and a mini skirt. I found a white dress at Wal-Mart for $6.00. It had a halter like top with a cowl and an elastic band around the skirt.

I'm not much of a sewer but I was able to modify it. First I cut the skirt off and took out the elastic band. I sewed the skirt back onto the dress at a shorter length. I cut a slit at the top of the dress and sewed two bra cups in place to make it a more bustier like top. The bra cups were the kind you buy to stick on your boobs when you have a dress that you can't wear any bra type for. The helped shape the dress really well.

And while I am pretty bad at smiling, my breasts looked fanastic.

For the boots, I just spray painted an old pair of knee high boots gold.

I bought a square of gold fabric to construct the belt, the choker and the armlets. I used velcro on these items. The choker and armlets turned out okay, but I botched the belt, and used a gold coin belt my best friend bought for me at a yard sale. I think it worked out okay... a lot better than the belt I had crafted. If I wore this costume again, I would remake the belt and armlets, using real measurements. At the time, I half assed it. The belt wasn't thick enough, nor the right shape. It also wasn't very even.

I bought some flat foam and cut it out in the shape of the wings that are located on each side of the top of her dress. I spray painted them with cold paint and added the detail with a black felted marker.

The red cape needed to be either really long, or really short depending on the version of She-Ra you are using. I used She-Ra's cartoon version, and her cape is quite short. I used a red devil cape from a dog's halloween costume. I pinned it to the straps of the dress because the cape she wears does not tie up around the neck.

The sword was just a cheap plastic sword I bought in the Hallowe'en section, probably from Wal-Mart. I picked the most medieval looking sword.

I bought a couple of fake jewels, one red and one light blue, and some gold paint. I didn't do a very good job on the symbol. It's not as even as it should be. It kind of veers off a bit. I also think I made it slightly too big, or not big enough. I don't think it's too bad, but if I came across another cheap dress I could modify, I may re-do it.

The head piece was the hardest part, and the first thing I would re-do. I bought some wire and shaped it around my head. Then I shaped the wire into wings. I then attached rolled up newspaper around it to shape it. I used paper machie to cover the newspaper and then spray painted the whole thing using a can of gold spray paint, the same one I used for the boots. I gave it about two coats. I glued the red jewel on the helm and it was done. The problem though... the two wings didn't look exactly alike. And one bent more forward, and the other bent a little too far back. It's not perfect. But for my first try, I give myself some credit. I would probably re-make it with some lighter and less bulky material.

In the cartoon she appears to be wearing pink and purple eyeshadow, so I did my eye make up the same. I wore a bright red lipstick, and I straightened my hair.

Over all, it was a pretty cool experience. I felt accomplished that I made something, and now I know how I would approach it again. I know what needs to be improved, and even then, it was still a hit.


  1. Always liked that costume. The crown was the coolest part, I'd think. Made the whole costume.

  2. I remember that costume and TOTALLY agree with M.Link. Your headgear totally made that thing.