Monday, July 19, 2010

The Frustraion with Comic Books!

I started to collect comics. I don't actually like collecting comics because I am a very impatient person. What I do like doing is buying the trades. Trades for those who are not comic saavy are graphic novels containing the entire comic series in one handy book form. This makes it a lot easier than collecting each issue. I have the entire Sandman series in trade form.

I learned that The Last Unicorn was getting a comic book form. I had to get it. So I decided to give my local comic book store some business and order it through there instead of ordering it online. Besides, I thought, it would save me money as I'd be paying in Canadian dollars at the store, instead of US and I wouldn't have to buy any shipping. I ordered around the end of June. I'm still waiting!

I talked to one of the guys at the store, and I had myself put on file so they would order me the entire series. I assumed it would take about a week or so for my comic to come in. Wrong. I was told I would probably be waiting 4 weeks, as the issue was back ordered. I wanted to know if that meant it was sold out, because I would cancel the order and just buy it online. I was told it was a matter of shipping, as the publication would be shipped from one location, to another, back to another and then to the comic book shop. I figured I was okay with this. I'm still waiting.

I decided to check on the status of the comic on the publisher's website. The first issue was still in stock. But the second issue has come out... and it isn't in stock! How did it get sold out so quickly!? It was released last week! I am floored. I hope they get more, or that I was on some automatic list and I'll get issues 1 and 2 together. I might have to speak to my comic book store sometime soon.

I have also started ordering The History of Bruce Wayne, where Batman gets transported back in time and lives through an incarnation through each century he turns up in. So far he has been a caveman, a witch hunter and a pirate. Next up is cowboy!

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