Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Louisbourg, Day By Day (Day 0)

While I was away in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia, I kept myself a little journal so I could bring the experience back home with me and share. I have finally gotten around to writing itall up. In the future, I am creating a scrapbook as well, as this trip has really touched me.

Sunday, August 22, 2010: Day 0 (Program has not started yet)

4:30 AM

The previous night we discussed that leaving around 5 AM for a 7:20 AM flight from Toronto would probably be okay. The airline suggested being an hour there before take off, and since Toronto Airport was a little more than an hour for us, it was thought that getting there around 6:30 would be okay. I had gone to early flights before within 40 minutes of a departure, so I wasn't too worried. I also thought that Sunday at that time in the morning wouldn't be that busy. I got up at 4:30 to finish packing the things I neeed to use in the morning (like my toothbrush). Even though I wanted to leave at 5, I felt bad for my mom having to drive me, so I woke her up at 5. We ended up leaving 10 minutes, after and stopped to get some coffee on the way.

6:30 AM
Arrived at the airport to see that it was rather busy. I hugged my mom goodbye and darted inside. I had checked in the night before and already had my boarding pass, so I could go into the express line to check my bags. After I checked my one bag, I headed to security and saw it was rather long. There was an estimated 20 minute wait for security. Lucky for me, my gate was just outside security so I relaxed a bit. By the time I got out of security, it was 6:50 and they were calling to board my flight!

6:50 AM
I lined up right after security to get on my plane. The flight was for 7:20 but they always make you board ten minutes before. I got on my seat 6A, a window seat. I decided already that I liked West Jet because they had little tvs. I did not bring my headphones, nor did I want to pay $3.00 for them, so I just watched the news channel that had updates in texts. I also also brought with me my corchet hooks, some yarn, and the book Congo by Michael Crichton so I was set for entertainment. This plane had 3 seats across, and no one sat between me and the other person in my aisle. The airline also gave me a free newspaper.

7:20 AM
Take off!

10:30 AM (Halifax Time which is an hour ahead)
Landed safely in Halifax. Went to go get my baggage and had a slight melt down when I thought it wasn't there. Went down to the car rental place in the garage to go pick up my car for the week. The computer was really really slow so it took me forever to get my car. I was also charged additional taxes, and I had to buy an insurance package. I opted for the safe trip one, which was about 33 bucks a day... but knowing my luck something would have happened to the damn car if I got the cheaper one. They never asked me to inspect the car, probably becaus they felt so bad keeping me so long. I ended up noticing two stone chips in the window half an hour into the drive,, which I hope they don't charge me for. They shouldn't since I got such a great package, I think. They gave me a silver Ford Focus, which was slightly bigger than what I had ordered.

11:00 AM
Finally got on the road. Put in the audio book Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

11:30 AM
Realized I was driving the wrong way once my GPS woke up. It never loads in underground parking.

1:00 PM
Stopped into a Dairy Queen for lunch and bathroom break. Ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger which came with no cheese. Decided not to press it. Got back in the car and realized my GPS was on back at home time. Changed the time. Was sad to see that instead of 3:30 PM, I was arriving at 4:30 PM.

3:00 PM
Started to rain.

4:30 PM
Finally arrived in Louisbourg but realized I forgot to write down where the Bed and Breakfast was. I had printed out the reservation, and I thought that the address would have been on it. I was wrong. I kept driving down the main road, and when the road branched off, I could see the brighly painted pinkish red building that was the Bed and Breakfast. I checked in, and went up to my room where I unpacked and sorted things out. I called my parents to let them know I had safetly arrived at my destination.

5:00 PM
Went for a nice little walk around the town of Louisbourg, and tried to walk to the Visitor Centre at the Fortress of Louisbourg. We were to meet up at 8:30 and take the bus at 9:00. I should had read the entire primer because it told you to walk through Parking Lot 5 to a trail. Instead I kept walking to Parking Lot 4, and realized I should just drive in the morning. I turned around and went to the Grubsteake for dinner. I wasn't too hungry so I ordered one of the cheapest things on the menu; the club sandwich with a salad. It was very good. I had some apple crumble pie for dessert but probably shouldn't have had. I felt a little gross afterwards. I went back to the bed and breakfast.

7:00 PM

Once I arrived to the B&B, I talked to the Innkeepers. They knew I was there for the archaeology program, and explained the weather of the area, and where I was going to be working. I thanked them and told them I was going to have a nice hot bath and hit the hay. My room had a jacuzzi tub, so I had a nice relaxing bath, showered off and watched tv for a bit.

9:00-10:00 PM
Between 9 and 10 I went to bed. I had set my alarm for 7:15, hoping that would give me enough time to get ready. Breakfast was served at 8, so I had to make sure I got out of there in enough time. The drive was only about 5 minutes, so I didn't have to rush too much but I didn't want to miss that bus!

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  1. Holy crap, you really did keep a DETAILED journal!

    Glad you had fun!