Sunday, September 5, 2010

I think I found a good vet

Growing up, we had a farm vet that would come out to our place and treat all our animals. The horses wereusually the main reasons for his house calls, but while he was there he would vaccinate our dogs and cats, and provide medication if we needed them for the smaller animals.

When we moved up here, we switched to a clinic that only treated horses. Our dogs and cats didn't really get looked at as much. The vets would give them rabies shots, but that was about it. If there was an emergency with the dogs, they were taken to a vet clinic in the city but our cats never really seemed to have any health problems, The only time they saw a vet was to get their reproductive rights taken away from them.

While I was away, my mom brought home three kittens. They're roughly two months old and their mother was hit by a car on August 13th (Go figure). When I came home, I noticed that were were sniffling and sneezing. After this has gone on for a week and their eyes started to get gunked up, I decided to consult my cat savvy friends and ask them their opinion. Internet searches were worrisome. Two of the little kittens had eyes swollen shut and two had little runny noses.I was quoted $70 for a consultation fee and maybe $30-40 for medication. I mulled it around a bit. I have spent $100 easily on clothes, surely I can afford to make sure three precious lives are taken care of. I booked an appointment for Sunday.

Today I snuck them out under a guise of helping my friend in the city with her cat (in case I was questioned about putting the cat box in my car). After what felt like a long wait (dogs kept jumping the que for emergencies I guess), I finally was seen by the vet. He looked at my kittens and told me that they were beautiful. Once he looked at all their eyes, ears and noses, he showed me one with a slightly runny nose. The discharge was clear so he wasn't too worried. he said what the rule of thumb was as long as the muscus wasn't green and pus-y, there was no need to put them on antibiotics. He did suggest I use eye cream because their eyes were gunky. The eye drops were only $15. He told me that if I saw them getting worse, I could just call and they would set out some medication for me, and I wou;dn't have to bring them in or get charged a consultation fee. He also did not push vaccinations on me, because the kittens were sick. He said it would be better to wait and bring them back in for them. He also confirmed that they were all little girls, so now they can have names! One has already been dubbed Tobi by my mom, but the other two are up in the air. My mom wants to call one Muffin. SIGH.

I really enjoyed going to a vet office where my bill was still under $100 and unnecessary services were not pushed on me for the sake of making a buck. I can't wait to tell my mom who said she 'knew vets' and they would push pills onto me


  1. Oh, I am SO happy you got the kitties taken care of!

    Are you still looking for homes? I know Newf is DYING for one.


  2. If you guys wanted to take one of the kittens, I wouldn't be opposed, but they'll always have a home here if you guys decide an extra furry thing around the house is too much hassle!