Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Louisbourg Day 2

Tuesday August 24th, 2010 (Day 2)

7:15 AM
Woke up just before the alarm went off, since I was scared of it.

8:00 AM
Went down for Breakfast. This was my least favourite of the bunch. It was called an Island Egg Bake and it was egg salad with onions and a dijon sauce ontop of a piece of flat bread, smothered in cheese and bacon. It came with the fruit salad and the toast. I didn't particular like the dijon sauce and it was way too onion-y for me. As mentioned before I don't like onions, but I didn't want to be rude and I champed up for it.

8:35 AM - 9:00 AM
Left for VC, got on bus, went to Fortress.

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
We ran out of time talking about the primer the day before, so we had to pick it up right after the first presentation. The first presentation was given by the Parks Historian and a student who was doing an internship in history. It was her job over the course of a few months to look through documentations to find any information that was written about the three sites that were currently being excavated. After their presentations, Becki explained the use of the tools, a little about stratiography and what sort of artifacts we would probably find.

12:00 Pm - 1:00 PM
We had lunch at the Chevalier House

1:00 PM
We walked to the three excavation sites, where we got a tour of each one. There was a house property called the De Mazie/Carrerot Property where they had found burials under the floor boards. We looked at the French Powder Magazine, which another crew of Archaeologists were working on. It was a significally bigger area. We then headed over to the New England Powder Shed, where we would be conducting our excavation.

2:00 PM
Around this time, we were given the go to go ahead and begin excavating. One of the crew members of the site gave us a quick demonstration. I found mostly glass that day.

3:30 PM
We packed up our equipment around 3:30 as this was about the time that the archaeology crew would be bused back for the day. Bruce took us back to the Fort for a moew indepth look at the King's Bastion Barracks and the Govenor's House. Inside the King's Bastion barrack was an exhibit about the excavation and rebuilding of the fortified town. Upstairs, they had several cases of artifacts like pottery and glazewear. In the Govenor's House, which was another area of the King;s Bastion Barracks, they had set up exhibits on how the rooms would look. I took a few pictures, but avoided the rooms with oil paintings. There was also a chapel inside the Barracks.

5:20 PM
We rushed back to bus. We agreed once more to meet up at 6:10, but this was so we could go to Light House Point and check out the site of the first light house in Canada.

6:10 PM
Met up with some members of the group and we headed out. On our way, our path was crossed by a red fox. We headed up to Light House Point, where there were three light houses; two of them just remains. The very first light house in Canada had been built on that spot. A second one was built in the 19th century. I am not really sure what happened to it, but there is a third light house there which is more modern looking and probably not run by light house keeper, but some sort of automatic machine.

7:20 PM
We went to the Lobster Kettle for dinner, for lobster specifically. It was alright for the most part. After dinner we decided to go look for ice cream in town, because I was sad they were out of cheesecake at the restaurant. We found ice cream at a little store. We drove around for a bit, too giddy to head back to our rooms.

9:00 PM
We decided to head back to one of the B&B where three of the 8 group members were staying. One of the members had just come home from somewhere else and mentioned that she would like to go out to Light House Point since the moon was full and it would look gorgeous reflecting off the ocean. We decided this was a great idea, and piled back into the car. Once we got to the point, we sat out watching the waves, listening to the buoys and enjoying the scenary.

10:30 PM
By this time, I finally made it back to my B&B. I decided to upload my photos from the day.

12:00 AM
I went to bed at midnight, which was probably not the greatest idea but I survived.

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