Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh no, another blog!

I have once again decided to attempt this blogging business. I'm not too keen on having a journal (as evident by my vaccant live journal from my university years), and I feel that other areas of the internet do not give me the means of expressing myself and ideas as well as a blog probably would (IE the limitations of facebook and twitter). And so, here we go, again. But I think after some thought, I think I could pull this off. Only time shall tell!

As with all first posts, I am going to explain the title as best as I can. I have been reading a few blogs over the past couple of years, and the one thing I learned is that a blog title has to be interesting, original, and the more random it is, usually the better the blog. I feel that a random title allows for the blog to cover many areas. I do not particularly want to post about the same topic every day, or even follow the same structure. There is no particular theme for this blog. If that was so, I would have gone with a more specific title, but I don't always want to talk about the same thing, and I am sure no one else wants that either.

The title comes from a few things, other than the fact I wanted a random title. I am a child of the 80s and I have a box full of My Little Pony toys. I watched the cartoon, and the movies, and to this day I still really enjoy them and most things from the 80s. How could I not go with an 80s reference? As well as having plastic ponies, I live on a pony farm and every once and awhile I do want to talk about them - their training, their antics, and what not. As for cyborg? It just sounds silly, but I am a nerd and I love comic books, video games, AD&D, Fantasy and Sci-Fi. So really, despite it being a random name, it does reflect the sort of things I plan on discussing.

As for that horrible drawing? I did it myself, in paint no less.

A real post to follow. It is too late for this.

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