Thursday, July 15, 2010

Up Coming Projects

Whether or not you believe in Astrology and Horoscopes, every once and awhile something from them will ring true. Some aspects of my personality are strongly aligned with the typical description for Aries.

For as long as I remember, I have problems finishing or sticking with things. I get an idea in my head of what I want to do, and I get some excited about it, that I have to get started as soon as possible. This has meant anything from running out and buying books and supplies as soon as I can (when these ideas come late at night, this becomes a damper), buying something online, or going through a closet, or down to the barn at a late night, searching for an item that is related to my new project idea. This has been a trait that I have read over and over and over and over again: Aries are great for starting projects, but fail to see them through.

I get started with the project, diving head first. But then one of two things happens; I either become bored or lose my drive, or I get another idea in my head which causes me to abandon my current project. It's a very hard habit to break.

I have a few projects going that I am going to try my best to stick with.

Crocheting and Knitting

My best friend is a very talented and crafty person. Not only can she crochet and knit, but she loves cooking, and crafting in general. Crafts, to me, were something that my brother and I would do after my mom dragged us to White Rose for whatever reason and we begged her to buy us hot glue guns and sticks, pompom sets, paints, ceramic figures to paint, whatever. We would rush home with the items, begin our session and exhaust out supplies. I have never really done anything with crafts since I was 12.

I finally decided to have her teach me how to crochet. I was convinced a year ago that I was going to learn to knit. This prompted me to buy a knitting book. I ended up reading a bit of it, but not being able to figure out how to knit. I finally broke down and had her teach me to crochet. In one week I made a scarf. It isn't exactly finished yet, but once I am done, I will atempt another scarf, and possibly a blanket. Once I've master that, maybe I will move on to other projects, or even knitting.

Here is my first scarf... It needs some finishing touches. It's also pretty wonky but not bad for a first try!

Learning French

As a Canadian, I have some understanding of French. I was taught French in public school for 10 years, except all the way to Grade 8, the teachers taught my class like we were 7. We learned nouns. We learned basic grammar. We had projects like decorating cut out frogs like a specific career. We sang songs about getting four hugs a day. French class was one of the most hated class amongst my fellow students. This is probably why I never had any drive to learn French well enough to speak and write it fluently. Now that I am older, I wish my parents had signed me up for French classes or French Immersions, as a lot of great jobs are out there for bilinguals. My challenge is to be able to speak and understand basic French in two months. I already have a lot of the ground work, but now I need to refresh myself. In stead of paying $300 for the first level of Rosetta Stone's French program, or a class at the community college, I opted to spend $70 to get a basic audio set for French basics, a French to English dictionary, and a work book, since I learn better with written exercises. If I can master that in two months, then I will move onto either level two or three in Rosetta.

Training Roxie

Roxie is my two year old Welsh Pony filly. She is a brat. It is my goal to getting some basic training on her before the winter. I do not expect to have her going under saddle well by then, but I am hoping that it will give me some ground work with ehr when she goes into full training next year at the age of three. I have already begun lounging her, and I have already saddled her. Unfortunately her training has gone on halt for now for two reasons. Her hooves are rather. The farrier won't be out until another week, and I don't want her to get hurt or trip. She was at a different stable for the spring, and her trimming schedule has been thrown off from ours. She didn't need her hooves done the last time he came out, but now they really need a trim and shaping. The other reason is that I am working on getting another pony, Emma, back into shape for an upcoming show on August 1st. Once the farrier comesout, I can start back up with my ground work with Roxie, and maybe get on her by the end of August.

Roxie in her gear.


  1. I knit too! Socks are my specialty but I really have to finish some mittens for this coming winter (socks are just so much more fun). We should get together and knit-and-drink (I despise the term stitch-and-bitch).

    When it comes to French, the Newf has been teaching people the basics for a few months now. Give him (me) a shout if you need some help!

    Most of all, congrats on the new blog!

    PS. Please come back to Twitter.

  2. PPS. Nice pony. My horse experience is based with standard breds and sulkies. I work best when placing bets (which I get to do often, the Seelster horses are my grandparents)!

    I don't train horses only small critters and dogs so it'll be a cool perspective.