Sunday, August 8, 2010

Scarf, Complete!

So I spend a couple hours watching tv to wind down in the evening, so I started a scarf to better my crochet. I used my crochetting book to help me figure out how to finish a project, read patterns and add decorations.

My first scarf was just a free handed pattern of double crochet, which I made very tightly. After I finished, I noticed it was wonky on the sides, which meant I was adding and subtracting stitches. Now that I know how to properly make turning chains and how to count stitches (and also cover up the wonkiness with a border), I decided to follow a simple scarf pattern in my book. When I finished, I decided to tear apart my original scarf and remake it.

I came into some free yarn, so I picked the biggest ball of yarn I had and began. I followed a pattern that was one row of trebles, one row of singles, one row of doubles, one row of singles, one row of half doubles and repeated until I got the desired length. The final measurements ended up being 56 inches approx in length, and 8 inches wide. I added four tassels to each end.

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