Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nerdy Songs

While I was Youtubing, I noticed that I have a quite a few songs on my list that I would call nerdy. They are not parodies, or songs about nerds. They're just, well, nerdy! I do love songs about nerds, and nerdy parodies, but I feel these rather stand out on their own.

This isn't to say these are the only nerdy songs out there, since I am sure there's quite a few! Here's just a couple that I enjoy. Videos under the jump.

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny by Lemon Demon
An internet classic that everyone has probably watched by now, but it really is excellent. The NSFW parody is even better, if you can stomach it.

Skullcrusher Mountain by Jonathon Coulton
Coulton has had a few popular nerd songs like "Still Alive" and "Code Monkey" but my favourite is Skullcrusher Mountain, a love ballard by an evil genius. I am in love with this song. A friend sent it to me a few months ago. He knew I'd love it because of the lyrics about a pony gorilla. I would marry the man who sang this to me. I also love the artwork/storyline in this video. I'd let Skull Dude kidnap me.

A strange but addicting Star trek Remix that I constantly get stuck in my head.

Shatner of the Mount
An addicting song about Captain Kirk's love for a mountain.

The Picard Song
Another addicting song about a Starfleet Captain. MAKE IT SO!

Geeks In love by Lemon Demon
A cute and sweet video about geeks in love. They should all wish to be geeks in love.

Up, Up, Down, Down by Krispy Krackle
Another geek love song... with a twist. Very catchy.

David Duchovny, Why Won't You Love Me? By Bree Sharp
This song pretty much covers how I felt when I was 13, and probably the same way many females, young and old, felt when they were watching David Duchovny as Fox Mulder on X-Files. Oh, to be Scully. OH to get rid of Scully so Mulder would be yours. But why won't he love me? There isn't a good quality video for this anywhere, so apologies. This was actually made for Duchovny by the X-Files crew.

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